Native New Yorker Photographer, Artist and Curator Caroll Taveras creates powerfully evocative images that quietly provoke questions of perspective and truth.


Art Assets, Bloomberg, Businessweek, Canopy, COLORS, CNN, Details, Dwell, Elle Magazine, EVOLab, French Glamour, Financial Times, First Look Media, Foto8, Gourmet, The Guardian, GQ, International Center of Photography (ICP), L’official, Local Projects, LVMH, LSN Future Laboratory, Marie Claire, Mother London, Museum of City of New York, National Geographic, NY Times, T Magazine, NY Magazine, Norwood Arts Club, NOWNESS, NY foundation for the Art (NYFA), Ojo de Pez, Park National, Resource Magazine, TIME Magazine, Topic Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Wallpaper, William T. Grant Foundation, Underline projects, UBER, WSJ, Vibe

Selected Exhibitions:

• “Open Studio” /group show/ Palazzo Monti, Brescia, Italy October 2017

• “Building a future New York, NY at it’s Core/Museum of the City of New York, NYC 2016

• “Connecting” / Public Art in the lobby @ 5 Hanover square, NYC 2014

• “Let yourself go” / Solo show / Underline Gallery, NYC 2013

• “Photo Studio Project Los Angeles” / Solo show / Space 15 Twenty, Los Angeles, April 2013

• Group show/Norwood Arts Club, NYC, September 2012

• “You are here”/Solo show/ Mother London Gallery, London UK. August 2012

• “The good American”/group show/Underline Gallery, NYC. July 2012

• “Duality”/Solo show/F.L.O.A.T. Gallery, NYC. February 2012

• “Art of Attraction”/group show/F.L.O.A.T. Galley, NYC. April 2011

• “Photo Studio project Brooklyn”/ Solo show installation/Art Assets, Brooklyn, NY 2009

• “Summer show”/group show/Host Gallery, London, UK. June 2008

• “Surrender”/Solo show/ Hot Shoe Gallery, London, UK. March-May 2007

• “21st Annual International Photography festival at Hyères”, Hyères, France. April 2006

• ‘8 ways to Infinity”/Original performance piece/DUMBO Atrs Center, Brooklyn, NY 1998

Curator: for the following exhibitions:

• Duality/F.L.O.A.T. Gallery, L.E.S. NY. February, 2012

• Art of Attraction/F.L.O.A.T. Gallery, Group show of 13 photographers. Chelsea, NY. 2011 / Brian Finke, Camille Vivier, Caroll Taveras, Cass Bird, Christian Webber, Ellen Jong, Joseph Szabo, Löber Nogen, Sandy Kim, Stephen Irwin, Therese + Joel, Yisook Sohn, Zed Nelson

• Picture Books/F.L.O.A.T. Gallery, Four Independent photo book publishers. Brooklyn, NY Feb 2011 - Hassle, JSBJ (Etudes), Lay Flat, Seems

• Factory of Dreams/F.L.O.A.T. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. November 2010 / Stefan Ruiz, solo show


• Co-Founder/Director of F.L.O.A.T. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. 2010-2014

• Co-Founder/Photo Director of Flyer Magazine: New York 2000 - Music & Culture Magazine


• CUNY panel on “Immersion Photojournalism”, NY 2014

• National Geographic lecture to young emerging photographers, London, UK. June 2012

• “Financial practices in Photography”, Lecture at School of Visual Arts (SVA), NY April 2011

• Artist talk about my photography work, F.L.O.A.T. Gallery, NY. 2011

• New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) panel, Sustainable practices, Artist defining a new model, NY. May 2008

• Introduction to Photography lecture to high school students, NY. 2008

• Villa Noailes Artist lecture about my Photography & Collage work during the 21st Annual International Fashion & Photography festival, Hyères, France. April 2006

. Teacher’s assistant at International Center of Photography (ICP), NY 2003-2005

Awards, Grants, Residencies:

• Palazzo Monti - Artist residency. Brescia, Italy. July-October 2017

• MOPLA grant/residency at space 15Twenty for Photo Studio project. Los Angeles, April 2013

• Art Assets, Artist residency, Photo Studio project, Brooklyn, NY. Jan-March 2009

• Host Gallery, Foto8 “Summer show” competition, London, UK June 2008

• Px3 Photography Awards, 1st prize in the fine art competition, Paris, France. 2007

• “Surrender” Solo show, sponsored by the American Embassy in London, UK March 2007

• Hyères 21st Annual International Fashion & photography festival, Hyères, France April 2007


University of New York at Purchase, BFA

Middlesex University, London, UK

High School for the Humanities, New York, NY


©️ Caroll Taveras